Where am I?

Hello anyone looking for me. I'm no longer active online, no longer posting or webcamming. I'm retired. I do still have a few accounts, my Twitter is ChelseaVision0 but is private and I don't even post anymore. I have a Facebook account I don't use. The only place to reach me is on MyFreeCams.com under the name ChelseaVision I used to webcam there but haven't in a long time, but I do still check my messages and chat. No I'm not on Instagram. Any other account you see besides these is a fake. Feel free to message/chat with me on myfreecams here https://share.myfreecams.com/ChelseaVision

Thanks for many fun years guys :)

New chapter

I dont use livejournal anymore and I no longer model. You can find me on instagram @chelseasciuto or #chelseavision. Any rude comments will get you blocked. My website is no longer up and i dont sell individual videos. I have a package deal of all my photos and videos, minus a few lost in a computer crash, but including content never put on my website. I sell a burned dvd of all this for $300. If you're interested you can contact me at tristessa4@hotmail.com

(no subject)

So I think my camcorder just needs a new battery pack. Luckily it takes AA batteries and I have rechargeable ones so hopefully that fixes the problem! :)

yay i think

Ok the server problem has been taken care of. Yay! The webcam set is up. And I think my camcorder is actually charging this time! I think it is anyway. We'll see if it does. I really hope it does! I can't afford a new one...

Thong Close Up

Well my site is undergoing a server move so the new updates may not be showing up right now. But they will soon! Here's a preview of a webcam set I just posted:



I'm having so many technical problems right now! I went to take a video today and realized that my camcorder is broken. It wont hook up to charge so I can't use it. So I tried to take a video with my camera and it turned out blurry! I couldn't tell it wasn't focused on the little screen. So I tried to post the video anyway, figuring it's better than nothing and that I'll also put up a webcam set from the video in a day or two...but now that video won't work on my site!!!! ARRGGG! I'm so frustrated right now >_< Hopefully this will be fixed soon, I've already contacted my webmaster about it. I have to save up to buy a new camcorder though so I don't know when my next video will be. Feel free to donate towards a new camcorder for me! ;)